Restaurant Lunch (weekdays 11-13: 30) The restaurant serves a well-cooked, tasty and nutritious lunch. You are welcome to choose between two daily dishes with accompanying salad bar and coffee. More craving for a more nutritious salad?

Terminalvägen 24-26, 171 73 Solna

Bergs matsal

Lunch (weekdays 10:30-13: 30) Welcome to choose between three well-cooked, tasty lunch dishes with accompanying salad bar and coffee. Do you want to order catering contact us at restaurang.lindhagen@skanska.

Warfinges väg 25, 112 51 Stockholm

restaurant Ericofood

In our restaurant we serve a variety of dishes for you to choose from, all so that you can find your favorite dish. We also serve a colorful salad buffet with fresh ingredients to complement your meal.

Torshamnsgatan 21, 164 80 Kista


The meeting between creativity and sustainable thinking creates food that makes us feel good! And right there, in the golden circle, you'll find us at Pier11.

Lindholmspiren 11, 417 56 Göteborg

Restaurang Entré

Från Januari kommer Restaurang Entré driva en pilot för ett digitalt utveckingsprojekt. Piloten ska bana vägen för en starkare matupplevelse på Coors restauranger. Det innebär att en rad spännande nyheter kommer introduceras på Entré under...

Knarrarnäsgatan 7, 164 40 Kista

Restaurant Glaze

Glaze offers a tasty menu of high-quality ingredients. In order to give you the best dining experience our food is always cooked from scratch. Our chef combines classic flavors and influences from all over the world that with passion and...

Färögatan 33, 164 51 Kista

Restaurant Hubben

Welcome to Restaurant Hubben in Uppsala Science Park. Our ambition is to create a modern and natural meeting place, a place to enjoy good food and delicious coffee. Welcome in when you need something fast, smooth and good.

Dag Hammarskölds väg 38, 752 37 Uppsala

Restaurant Zenit

Our fine restaurant is located in the heart of Kista Science Tower in northern Stockholm. We serve four dishes for lunch daily, and you are more than welcome to complement your meal with fresh vegetables from our salad buffet.

Färögatan 33, 164 51 Stockholm


Welcome to restaurant Stuveriet where we serve a delicious lunch with a varied selection of dishes composed with great passion and dedication.

Indiska Oceanen 11, Port 4, 418 34 Göteborg

Welcome to Telia Foodmarket

With a love of sustainable produce and playful gastronomy, we want to welcome you to the office with a food experience packed with delicious variety and heaps of a “matglädje” (food joy)!

The Factory

Welcome to our modern restaurant. We serve a large variety of lunch dishes cooked with passion and commitment. Your meal is compleated by our rich salad buffet with numerous energizing options. In our restaurant you can also find bookable meeting...

Torshamnsgatan 21, 164 80 Kista

The Kitchen Club

With the Kitchen Club, we want to create a room that invites you to the best the kitchen has to offer. A kitchen for people to meet, thoughts to arouse, ideas to share, energy to replenish - and food to be enjoyed. Just like in the kitchen at home.

Två valv och kök

With us you will always find well-cooked, good lunch. Every day Monday to Friday, you can choose between three good lunch dishes for SEK 89 including, salad, bread and coffee.

Skrivaregatan 1, 215 32 Malmö